Processed Eggs: Weekly Eastern Region Breaking Stock (Tue/Fri)
Atlanta, GA          Fri. Oct 12, 2018          USDA Market News                
Weekly Eastern Region Breaking Stock                                            

Prices are steady. Trade sentiment is mixed, mostly steady.  Offerings are     
light.  Supplies are moderate.  Demand remains light. Breaking schedules        
are normal heading into the weekend.   Market activity is slow.  Cases          
broken under federal inspection in the Eastern region for week ending           
06-Oct-2018 were 3% less than the previous week, however 7% higher than the     
same week last year.                                                            

Prices in cents per dozen, delivered to breakers, 48 lb. minimum net weight     
per 30 dozen case, eggs from table egg layers. Packaging may vary.              
                     RANGE           MOSTLY                                     
BREAKING STOCK       51-62           51-60                                      
CHECKS & UNDERGRADES 36-49             -                                        


Source:   USDA Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News                        
          Atlanta, GA    404-562-5850  email:        
Prepared: 12-Oct-18 11:45 AM E MTH